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this is gross lol
: : Actually, except the tightness in stitches, it really doesnt hurt. I look like Frankenstein though lol. I cant believe how one fall causes so many scars!
: :
: : I am aloud now full activity but the wrist guards rub on the stitches a touch so not skating til Sat since I think that would be uncomfortable. I have a sleeve my PT gave me so the pads wont rub on the stitches so I can BMX and ride my uni now. But dang, it looks like I'm a crime victim! Any scar help? Just must stretch it and exercise it as much as possible. Irene, arm wrestling is out for another 6 weeks lol. I think I was just in a Friday the 13th movie.
: thats heavy duty girl. youll be ok cos you have the right attitude. your definately not a quitter. i salute you.
: just remember the pain+suffering next time your about to do something over the top. that should keep you on an even keel. glad to see your nearly there.
: cheers, h.

I guess in a year my arm will look better. I really need to do the PT, my elbow joint is a little stiff today from stretching it but in a month that will be OK. I'm really looking forward to Sat to skate!! I'm really, really excited to go to the skatepark this time lol. When I look at it, I dont consider myself a wus. My arms been through a lot. Thanks Mr. H, hope your shoulder is in the past now, soon my arm will be.
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