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Olli (videos by Olli) (pictures by Olli)
Pics of Arne and Co.
Hi there,

a little late I would like to follow brian and post some pics of the lannguths, especially in memory to Arne. Yesterday I came back from a short trip to munich where I visited an old friend of mine who has been an active skateboarder but also photographer in the late 80ties/early 90ties. I was really suprised to also get some shots of me, taken at the nealry 14 feet deep Münster-Pool. Last but not least there is also one shot of Jimy Scott, who shared the session with Lars and Arne.

Martin Broich gave me a call some weeks ago and told me about the death of Arne Lannguth. He promised me again to come around to my house, having lots of vertical-rollerskate-pictures in his luggage to post them here. So I hope, he'll really do it one day :) but if he did I'll let you know here. Keep on skating
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