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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Change to the forum
: So War again bots is started!!!!!

War on bots has started several years ago for the roller skating form. I think I achieved quite a lot with filtering techniques. Without them I couldn't have left for Oz with a clean conscience. ;-) But now reCAPTCHA blows the rest of those evil spam bots to smithereens (hopefully)!

: Bots are banned by .... reCAPTCHA bot ? and more time to skate for you, that is cool !!!!

To be honest, fighting spam never kept me from skating. Rather from posting. ;-)

: ... hey what about Rskating bots?

Claudine posted a video of one.

: The audio thing is nice too!!

Yes, I really liked that, too. Not that I believe there are many blind people visiting this forum but I think they should be able to make the maximum of it.

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