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knee gaskets
Thanks. Usually when I mess up, its falling backwards. Probably also since my trucks are slightly forward. I'll keep practicing! I'm going to go slow and low for awhile, just dont want to hurt myself again. I cant even get myself to drop into the 6 foot section yet lol. Had a good skate yesterday and today my quads are shot!

: : One more thing......go to a rink or big flat area to skate and practice skating backwards until you can do it almost blind-folded. Helps your body to feel natural when skating backwards. I learned in a rink, years ago, how to go all the way around the rink over and over, at the same speed as everyone going forwards.
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: : : : Biff, if you have any hints on fakie, please post.
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: : : Going fakie is really tough to do at first. It is unnatural for the bodie to not only go backwards, but to be doing it while rolling, and while on a multi angled surface! The best way to learn fakie is to start off at the bottom of a half-pipe. Go back and forth, always facing the same way, so that you are going front stance, and then back stance (fakie) on the way back. Repeat. Go higher. Repeat. Repeat. Go higher. Repeat. Go higher. Repeat. Go higher. etc..
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: : : Learning to relax going backwards also helps a lot. Stiffening up will mess you up. After you get good at going fakie, learn to pump as you go down fakie. I usually do not pump when going up fakie. Throws off my balance.
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: : : Good luck.
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