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annual meeting again
Hi Tim,

nice to read something from you again. How's the weather at Telluride? It's quite cold here (it's freezing over night).

It's also great that you are interested in a come together in Europe. I'm also very interested, but would mainly take some pictures.

It seems that there is a majority interested in going for an August date, which rules out Hot LaWa (we also could put Hot LaWa in August but it is mainly a skateboard event at the moment). There would be no problem in scheduling a roller skating event at the same ramp in Freiburg. The Rheinaue Ramp in Bonn wouldn't be a problem neither (I think we could organize this one, too).

I saw quite a lot of roller skating kids in France, too. But that was about 10 years ago. Don't know if many roller skatings are ramp skating there nowadays (probably there are some skating mini ramps).

Freiburg would be a good option. There are a lot of ramps in or near Freiburg (three big half pipes, one spine mini ramp, lots of other mini ramps).
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