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Why is derby mostly a female sport? It wasn't in the olden daze. I was a fan as a kid with the banked track and rails. They should revamp a rollerball version or something. A boarder-cross type race like they have for snowboarding.
My point is derby presents an opportunity to recruit skaters to hit the park, street, hills and such. I'm stoked to see any new rollerskaters hit it, even if it isn't their priority, I'm hoping they'll get hooked.
I give props to Pita (poster girl for this yr's RC) and Dinah Betcha for rolling with us and all the others that joined up for the park tour. Mind you some of these women are moms and not in their 20s.
Just another way to keep it alive! And, what's up with this "Vert is Dead" nonsense?
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