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Another Rollerskater In San Diego
Robert, how did you find a job so quickly? Not many people working around here it seems. Everyone at my job is getting fired now but they are paying me below minimum wage basically so it wont hurt too much for me lol.

: : Jay, I wish I could go to Rollercon. My schedule has been up in the air because of looking for a job and not knowing if I would get one. The good news is that I just got a job and start monday, but unfortunately I will not be able to take any time off.
: Robert,
: Bummer. But I totally understand. Been outta work over a month now myself. :( Shitty, but what can you do?
: I put up a new thread with some video clips of today if you're interested. Designed to entice you to RC! LOL!
: Take care Brother. Looking good on the lip tricks.
: PEACE!...................Jay
: :
: : : : Today I met up with Jame Fingland and skated Pala Skatepark. Somehow he came across one of my Vimeo videos and sent me an e-mail. I was stoked to learn there is another rollerskater in San Diego. We took this video today so that Jame could use it to practice a couple different stahls that I do. Both of us have only skated this park a couple of times so we were skating pretty tame.
: : : :
: : : :

Rollerskating Pala June 26, 2009 from Robert Chase on Vimeo.

: : :
: : :
: : : Nice Video, Robert! I LOVE the nose-pick thing you did. Very Styley!! So, will you AND Jame be out for RollerCon??? I Hope So!!!
: : : PEACE!!!!!!!!! Jay
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