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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Dallas Tuesday
: : Oohh NO. I did the same thing the other day, good thing it wasn't worse. Hope you're okay. Important thing is the video...he he.
: : I have a friend called Gary, but his real name is Ervin. I found out when I passed out payroll checks. Where's Biff come about?
: I think I'll be healed in time for rollercon; fingers crossed!!!
: I got the name 'Biff' because when I started skating, everyone wore IZOD's. All of these preppies were at the rink, and I thought it was so dumb to wear Calvin Klein's, topsider's, and IZOD's to the rink (Posers). So...about that time, Polos came out (from Ralph Lauren), which were considered superior to the IZOD. So, I bought one the very day they came out and wore it to the rink in order to belittle my preppy friends. It backfired, and I've been called Biff ever since.

Biff! That is the funniest story I've heard about a nickname yet! And you are SO getting a Polo RC Shirt!!! Spiffy Biffy! I F*#king LOVE it! LOL!
And you & Irene BOTH better Heal for RC!!!!
I've started my MySpace Bulletin Countdown to RC.
It's 4 weeks if you're counting. I am.
Here's link to latest MySpace bulletin:

Oh, Bad-Ass Pics,Irene. As usual.

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