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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
New Slider Plates for my New SK8s! .......also only 3 Weeks til RollerCon SK8 Park Tour!!!!!
Hey again everybody.
So, I tried the new SK8s out today...twice actually but I'll get to that.
It's time for some more ,as Bernard called it, 'JayTV' LOL!
Anyway, I took new SK8s to the park that's literally 2 blocks from my house, but basically sucks for a big tranny skater like me. But I just wanted to try them out.
BTW: I babble at camera for awhile in this 1st clip. Disregard what I say about video of showing you the bank-sign temp. The glare wouldn't allow it. Anyway, this clip I take a skate-cam drop-in with my sk8s for 1st time. I wanted to document it in case they snapped or something. Here it is:

So as I said in that clip, the HMWP plates are just too low for true plate-stalls, at least on 5' mini, let alone slides. But they did work to some degree.
Here's me attempting stalls for 1st time.

Here's me doing a truck grind since the plate slides weren't gonna happen for me. I hockey slide at cam at end to not crush it. I'm not used to no Toe-Stops!!

Here's a different angle on the bigger wall here with me trying some fakie at end. I was worried cuz I always use toestops to bail bad fakie stuff but it was ok.

So, the astute viewer will notice that in these clips the parks deserted except for me. That's probably because it was 105 AND like I mentioned earlier it's barely worth skating.
So, I went home & was a good daddy & watched my son for a few hours while Dawnie went to the Gym, then when she got home I got to putting some new sliders on. More HMWP!!
Bottom-View of New SK8s with sliders attached.

New SK8s Version 2.0

I had the slider plates on MUCH less time than it took to construct the sk8s, so I figured what the Hell. Hit the local park again. 6 hours later & almost 10 degrees cooler. ;)

Here's me trying out the plates. I do a long FS stall in this clip as I'm looking over my shoulder watching a loose board. Once it was clear I dropped back in. I would NOT have been able to stall like that without the new slider plates, but they're still too high to slide on mini. I'm sure they'll work well on vert & near-vert though. :)

Again the astute viewer will notice a couple things: I'm wearing one of my Dying Breed shirts in these clips AND there are now Groms at the park. Also, I have a weird sense of humor...i.e the stickers on my slider plates.

My last clip o' the day, Kids. I promise. This is me just playing around & then talking to camera at end. Let me apologize in advance for some of the footage. My canera is NOT a video cam although you can take videos with it. However, you can NOT change the zoom while filming so when I talk to cam at end I'm over close-up. Sorry.

That's it. I'm gonna take 'em to the vert ramp as I mention in last clip tomorrow or Thurs, & will try to get some clips if they slide/air etc on vert ramp. I think/hope they will.
Thanks for bearing with my total lack of video-editing ablities yet again, Kids. Just had to share the new sk8s. They actually worked! Noone could be more surprised than I was! LOL!
PEACE & LOVE from Sin City. home of the RollerCon SKatepark Tour!!!!!
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