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mountain wheels?
I've seen them for real, they are full rubber, so very very heavy.... and quite hard (and expensive too here in France...).
Depends on the use:
-off-road downhill
-skating off-road or bad roads
-traction by a sail or a kite!!!!
-others?.... ideas for rollerskating on sea, surfing???

Maybe 100-150mm inflatable inline wheels should be better. I've seen an old vid of a guy using then with a small sail on a desert like area, but can't remember the link....


: Has anyone tried these? THey are the wheels rollergirl used to carry for off road rollerskating. Just have thought how fun it would be to rollerskate the bmx track. I heard those are supper heavy, or do they have air wheels for mountain boards? SOmething light with air and BIG might work better, be lighter. My hamstring muscle is sore still so I'm bored and wondering what else I can do thats fun that I havent done yet lol.
: If anyone knows what to do for a sore hammy besides rest, stretch, etc, let me know. Every sport seems to use jumping or a leg curl type of motion. I think skateboarding is all I have that doesnt stress it.
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