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Hot LaWa 09, July 18/19
: : : Wish I could attend. :( Be there in Spirit. Will you be skating, Bernard? Pics/Videos, please!
: :
: : I won't be skating there. I would like to, but I can do nothing on this ramp.
: : Pics/reports (in German) can be found in the contests section of Sk8Mag,de. Look for Hot LaWa.
: :
: : I would like to be at Rollercon, but I think immigration to the US is still worse than it was in 2004. Flight data exchange with the Europeans, finger printing, photos, ... They treat us like terrorist. :-( It's way easier to travel to Egypt!
: Don't feel too bad, Bernard. Thanks to the 'Patriot Act', they treat us like terrorists too! Thanks alot George W. Bush. :(
: Jay

Couldn't agree more.
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