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funny skateboarding video
That was totally amazing and I love what street skaters do. I do have a problem watching them live because they bail 90% of the time. I just watched the Maloof Cup and it was an hour of bails. I think street skating should be on video only because they bail so much. Biff, I am curious if you have a problem watching skateboarding? I ask because I posted a video of skateboarding and you did not seem to like it. I personally identify a lot more with skateboarders than inliners. Most of us oldschool rollerskaters grew up skating with skateboarders. I love watching skateboarding and love skateboarding myself. I did inline skate in 1992 right before it became popular. It was cool because I skated on my inlines the way I skated on my rollerskates. I appreciate what these inliners do, but it would be so cool if they progressed our sport instead of made a new sport. I did what they do and it is all the same on vert.
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