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funny skateboarding video
Biff, it's funny that I wrote that probably at the same time you were writing about what a cool video it was. lol

: : Biff, I am curious if you have a problem watching skateboarding?
: None at all! Depends on the skateboarder. I also say a lot of things tongue in cheek, and people always think I'm being negative. I try to add the stuck out tongue to show that I'm being sarcastic. :P
: I think that what you are talking about, though, is that time you posted a bunch of videos of you skating...when mostly it was your skateboarding friends. I had wanted to see more of you rollerskating. Sitting through a bunch of skateboard videos is OK, but I prefer watching skateboard videos on youtube. When I come here, I prefer seeing roller skaters.
: That being said, I do not mind you posting skateboard videos, as long as I know I'm about to watch a bunch of skateboarding.
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