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Testing, testing, 1..2..3...
: I went and skated a 4 1/2 foot half pipe at a demo yesterday to see how my foot is holding up. I didn't do any real hard tricks. Besides, the ramp was very narrow! You couldn't do a grind over 3 feet long!
: I did fine, other than the fact that it is HOT outside from 2pm to 6pm (hours of demo). I only had one fall where my ankle felt weak and painful. I have to be careful not to fall on that foot when skating. But it does looks like I'll be able to skate even better by the time I get to Rollercon. I'm going to skip skating for another week to let it strengthen and heal.
: :):):):)Cheers to all! Be seeing you soon:):):):)
: Biff

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Excellent News, Brother Biff. And prudent on the extra week o' healing. I'm feeling about 50-60 % mobility in my knee now & no more shooting pains when I bend/twist it. :)
Waiting til at least weekend to lace 'em up again though.
Stoked you're feeling better. Good News, Indeed!
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