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Testing, testing, 1..2..3...
: : I went and skated a 4 1/2 foot half pipe at a demo yesterday to see how my foot is holding up. I didn't do any real hard tricks. Besides, the ramp was very narrow! You couldn't do a grind over 3 feet long!
: :
: : I did fine, other than the fact that it is HOT outside from 2pm to 6pm (hours of demo). I only had one fall where my ankle felt weak and painful. I have to be careful not to fall on that foot when skating. But it does looks like I'll be able to skate even better by the time I get to Rollercon. I'm going to skip skating for another week to let it strengthen and heal.
: :
: : :):):):)Cheers to all! Be seeing you soon:):):):)
: : Biff
: :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) Excellent News, Brother Biff. And prudent on the extra week o' healing. I'm feeling about 50-60 % mobility in my knee now & no more shooting pains when I bend/twist it. :)
: Waiting til at least weekend to lace 'em up again though.
: Stoked you're feeling better. Good News, Indeed!
: PEACE......................................Jay

Soooo happy to know you're all on the mend and being smart and patient with the process!!! keep stretching, massaging and hot soaking.... stay loose!
You boyz heal up good now!
Claudine, road work shouldn't hurt ur leg, biking or skating distance, swimming is great, it lengthens muscles. Follow the lead and rest for a few.
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