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Hot LaWa 09, first pics
: Oh that sounds pretty cool! I would love to see a snakeboard pic lol. Always interested in something different and fun. Glad that they let this happen. I'm lucky I am aloud with my quads in my local skatepark, but I cant go with my unicycle. I would think that the unicycle would be more fun on those small boxes honestly.
: : : I guess it wasnt a huge turnout in skaters?
: :
: : Oh, we are quite happy with the number of participants. We had eight inliners which is more than in the last years, 6 paricipants skateboard A and 5 for skateboard and this one streetboarder who already was there last year. There were even more riders there who did not participate or else we would have had a total of more than 30 riders which would have been a new high.
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: : : Nice pics and ramp!
: :
: : Thanks for the compliment!
: :
: : : What is streetboard?
: :
: : I would call it "snakeboard" but this guy told me that Snakeboard is just a special streetboard brand, just like Rollerblade is but one manufacturer of inlines.
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: : The streetboard has two separately movable footplate mounted in a rotatable way to a connecting plate. See the Wikipedia article about streetboard.
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: : Björn Henseler, our lone streetboard paricipant, delivered quite a show.

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