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Hot LaWa 09, first pics
: : Oh that sounds pretty cool! I would love to see a snakeboard pic lol.
: There is already one online:
: : Always interested in something different and fun. Glad that they let this happen.
: Of course we let this happen. We probably would even allow BMXer. Its just that I was under the impression that there are no BMX ramp riders in Freiburg. How wrong I was! When the contest was over, two girls on BMX arrived and rode the ramp.

Cool! I couldnt tell quite from the pic it wasnt a skateboard. Around here there are no girl anythings unless I drive an hour or more. I've never seen a girl bmxer, just on skateboards and on inline once or twice. One day I'm sure I'll make a local friend but still waiting for now. I'm hoping to hook up with the 2 girl skateboarders so I can meet with them at bowls soon. Last time I saw them forgot to ask their contact info.
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