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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
(Mostly)New Skate Build
: Maaaaaaaaaate,,they came up a treat.Noice work dood.That first sesh on home made gear is a rush init.
: Jay and Irene,,your on a promise now,we expect bucket loads of vid and pics.
: To everyone whos making the trip,,have a fucken blast.I casualy dropped a hint to the lovely wife about RC 2010,the first step in what I hope to be THE trip of a lifetime.I seem to remember the euros talkin 2010 so I'll round up the loyal oz rollers and see what we can do.Sell your car,sell your ass,,just get there.I cant miss another year,,it's killing me.
: cheers joe

G'Day Joe! You'll be here in Spirit, Brother! We'll do what we can with the cameras AND the SK8s!
And 2010 sounds like The Plan! Make it so!!!
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