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(Mostly)New Skate Build
: Thanks Jay, these skates are not as flashy as your latest creation, but they will suit me just fine.
: It's always nice to see Irene skating, you do it so well... very gracefully. I can't wait to see some fresh footage of you on a big vert ramp.
: Yes Joe, it was really something else skating them for the first time. 2010 sounds like a possibility for RollerCon for me as well.
: Claudine... the cotton weave phenolic material is about as strong as aluminum (not as rigid though) but nearly half the density. It can be cut like wood, drilled and tapped like metal, and flexed to a certain extent in a manner similar to other plastics without losing it's form. Also, it does not absorb significant amounts of moisture. It should outlast the grinder plates.
: Sorry to hear about the nasty headache. I get some bad ones from time to time as well. My little sister gave me a tip one day that can help sometimes. Draw a hot bath, as hot as you can possibly tolerate and soak in it for 20 minutes adding more hot water as needed to keep the temperature up. This might be able to give some relief when normal pain medicine fails.

Is this lighter then wood/skis? Sounds like good stuff! The headache is from the car accident. I've slept it off most the week. I get a CT scan Monday. By then it will probably be fine. Gave my leg some rest time. I hope one day I can go to rollercon but doesnt look promising for me yet.
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