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No rush but.....
: some of us rollerskaters got ANTS in our pants and want to hear and see all the fun, falls, airs, tricks and who did what/where, when, how high, how big, how rad, newest trick, biggest goofball from drinking too much lol, etc???????

: OK, HURRY UP lol. Sorry, I'll go for a walk now lol. ;-D

Biggest air was Duke. He killed the 702 halfpipe.
Coolest style was Desi. He skates with finesse!
Raddest thing I saw was a passle of derby girls learning vert! Some were very good!! (Irene was still the best)
Jay was the Bomb! Handplant throwing fool!!!
I did a new trick. I stalled a wall by the 702 bowl, & I made it back in!
Tim was fighting a butt injury. Heh heh...but he still skated strong! Best fighting spirit.
Greatest come back was Ben. Rock on!!
Biggest surprise was getting to meet Fred Blood. How cool is that.
Saddest thing was the absence of Claudine.
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