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No rush but.....
: : some of us rollerskaters got ANTS in our pants and want to hear and see all the fun, falls, airs, tricks and who did what/where, when, how high, how big, how rad, newest trick, biggest goofball from drinking too much lol, etc???????
: : OK, HURRY UP lol. Sorry, I'll go for a walk now lol. ;-D
: Biggest air was Duke. He killed the 702 halfpipe.
: Coolest style was Desi. He skates with finesse!
: Raddest thing I saw was a passle of derby girls learning vert! Some were very good!! (Irene was still the best)
: Jay was the Bomb! Handplant throwing fool!!!
: I did a new trick. I stalled a wall by the 702 bowl, & I made it back in!
: Tim was fighting a butt injury. Heh heh...but he still skated strong! Best fighting spirit.
: Greatest come back was Ben. Rock on!!
: Biggest surprise was getting to meet Fred Blood. How cool is that.
: Saddest thing was the absence of Claudine.

I certainly wish I could have been there, lame or not! Maybe one day I can go even if its once. I still have not seen even a vert sk8r in person.
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