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Hey BH,
Nice! Definite & Obvious Progression from the last submission I saw from you, Bro. You're skating & it's showing. :)
1st: Lucky You to have that park all to yourself! That bowled mini-section you were working looks smooth & fun.
2nd: Park's open 2 months & already Grafitti. Typical.
3rd: Liked your coping work on the ledge/box.
4th: You were wrong when you said "Still NO Stalls".... technically you're doing Front-Side Stalls on your "pop-Outs", you're just not turning 'em back into the bowl yet, that's all!
Give yourself a little Cred. Looking forward to seeing your next post.

Oh Yeah, Thank You for taking my request for new postings seriously & acting so fast. Nice to wake up to a new sk8 video on a Sunday morning......may even drag my Ass back out into some triple digit heat (Summer's still alive & kickin in Vegas) for another session myself.

Keep Rollin on 8!
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