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The #2 Video
Yes Biff, I live in Converse which is a few miles farther south from Schertz.

I was considering driving up to Round Rock for this coming Monday Night. The weather should be perfect and I will certainly have the time for it. Of course, you guys could still come down here the next week too! But by that time the Lockhart park could be open to the public so we might get diverted away from the parks in San Antonio. That is, unless you can make time for an extra session.

Call me a whore all you like, but I myself had a hard time seeing that a new video had been posted... in my own thread! I know that you definitely watched it since you were the only one to comment at first, but I got the feeling that it scrolled down the list really fast and then disappeared into the bowels of the forum. SO :p back at you!

'FALK kansas'

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