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40 weeks
I put in a call to the dr., now he said its a year from the original surgery which I think was before Thanksgiving. So seems like to be safe i might have to wait til the end of winter maybe to skate vert, but not a full year from the plate removal. I cant risk a rebreak of my arm. My PT said 6 months to a year to heal fully to be safe with the plate removal. But I think I have to get someone to look at the xrays to see if its healed or not. I was told I probably could just go to radiology and get them to read it. Once it has the outter white lines, I can skate! If its not til spring, I can live with that. A full year from now is tooo long for my patience and happiness!!! I havent been able to sleep thinking about this. I was told its OK to ride my bike now too. So basically, I dont know when I can skate. I would say if I have to wing it out my head, follow what my PT said. Slowly start to strengthen it, then in about 6 months it will be OK.
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