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21 weeks?
I was in PT so I know the exercises pretty much. Just will have to do it on my own. So far I am just trying to use it this week lol. Next week I'll start with a 2 pounder lol. I'm also getting some stretches/exercises since I have petallar tendonitis due to tightness/muscle imbalance still from my knee surgery from months ago. So hopefully it wont seem so long and I have time to get myself in shape. I am not sure if nutrition will make/break me in the bone healing department. I was eating a super healthy/plentiful diet (expensive too) for the first surgery and bummed cause it never healed. I thought something was wrong with me, nope, the dr. didnt get the surgery right, gap was too big. Being older slows things down but I dont think diet can change that much. Animals in the wild break a leg, fast until they are healed basically, and go on their way. I just keep praying I get money soon from the government as to build back muscle I need food, lots of food and right now its hard not knowing my next paycheck.

I think once you roll the ramps, its a bad addiction, hard to stop lol. I think about Thanksgiving time, I will seek an opinion on the healing state of my arm! If I'm told its fully healed, probably will still roll with a splint on for awhile. Now how to make soggy canned veggies appealing lol.......
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