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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
1st an Apology, then a Vert-RollerSkater card, an Old Guy Builds New Sk8s AND pics & videos..
......lots & lots o' short videos....

That, in part at least, is what the Apology is about.
Hi Everybody in Cyber-Land! Beloved Forum! I've missed you. Crazy busy last couple weeks: other part of Apology.
Well, I have "good news" & " bad news", but before I start I invite you to get yourself a drink, settle into your chair/couch & smoke 'em if you got 'em! In other words, this is gonna be a LONG ONE! So, if you're in a Hurry, you probably wanna experience this post later. OK, Everyone comfy?? Excellent.
So, the "bad news": PhotoBucket was only allowing video-editing functions temporarily for free. :~( So, JayTV has reverted to earlier program-format. i.e. lots of short video-clips interspersed with pictures & my clever observational "narration". Sorry. Maybe Santa"ll bring me video-editing software. Til then......
The " good news": inspired by my good friend, Irene Ching, I "ghetto-rigged" (Hey! I'm from Detroit, I'm allowed!) my own helmet-cam with stuff I already had & voila! True "SK8-Cam" footage is now available!
But, as I said this'll be a LONG ONE, so that'll be later.
Back to Sister Irene for a Moment....have any of you sent your info/pics to Irene for your Vert RollerSkater Trading Card yet?? If not, I urge you to do so. Irene, is an Incredibly Talented, Creative AND Generous Woman. She was Awesome enough to sift through the plethora of images I sent her & actually picked some of my Personal Favorites (including my RC logo pic, as Front Image, which is incorporated into the elbow on each of my Tats!) I've sent her all the images I have of Ben, not sure if he's sent her all his personal info yet or not. BTW: I LOVE that Irene includes the forum's URL on bottom of back of card. Great touch, Irene!
Anyway, here's mine. I'd have shared it sooner but it took me awhile to get ink for my printer so I could print PDF file, then Scan printed image for upload. Oy Vay! Here it is Kids.


Jay's Vert RollerSkater Trading Card Front


Jay's Vert RollerSkater Trading Card Back

How Frickin' Cool is that?! Pretty Damn, I'd say!

THANKS, IreNe!!!!!!!!!

People, get your pics/info into Irene. I wanna collect them all!! And you know we're all Narcissists. I've already blown mine up & put it on wall next to Irene's poster with inspirational poem by Desi Jones' daughter, Ruth Anaya. I like it. I could do a whole wall of 'em. Who's next? Don't know but you'd best hurry. IreNe is coming out my way @ end of the month for visit to sk8, babysit (yay night out for Dawn & me!) & hit SoCal too. So she's outta NYC soon....

Well, now for the skating videos/pics. This post actually comprises 2 sessions each of my Dad & I. So I guess you could call it a "Double Virtual Vert" Session.
Again I Apologize for the regression in Production value. PhotoBucket teased me with free editing capabilities. Alas, back to the video clip files. At least they're short. The ones of me are usually about 30-45 Sec long....a few minute-long ones but not many. Ben's are all 8 Seconds or less. Like Bronco rides! No, it's a concession to his email program. So....without further blah-blah starting chronologically enjoy this Episode of:

Jay TV

So starting out a little over a week ago in sunny

Las Vegas, Baby!

In my last "Pre-Tat" Session

Last Tattoo-Free Session

I hit Anthem with my buddy Ian. Here's what Ian filmed of me :

More me Stationary Cam:

Meanwhile @ or about a similar timeline in an also sunny


There was this guy:

Ben Cloetens

who'd just recently built an addition to his new sk8s:

Ben's SK8s w/Grind Plates Side/Bottom View

Ben's SK8s w/Grind Plates Side/Bottom View

So he decided to do this with 'em:

So I'm still skating in Anthem......

My Buddy Ian:

And Ben's still representing in Detroit:

And me still in Anthem:

And thus concludes Part 1 of this V.V. Session.


Part 2:

So Ben hits a new park in Mich. & I get in my 1st "Post-Tat" Session!

Post-Tattoo Both Arms

So here's the Set-Up...Thanks again Irene! I'm Stoked on skating with you soon. Helmet-Cam Ghetto-Style:

The Bowl @ Area 702 Stationary Cam:

Bowl Helmet-Cam:

Meanwhile back in a much chillier Michigan this week, Ben's checking out a new park:

Looking, good, right?
So, back @ Area 702 I'm enjoying the Helmet-Cam.

The super-tight Mini Helmet-Cam:

My 1st actual run with helmet-cam here...this is the Vert Ramp & I DO do an Invert @ like 27 seconds:

More Vert:

Still Back in Detroit:

And, I LOVE this one with the Crazy transfers! Dad! Scout the terrain BEFORE you're running @ it with Steam! But you rode it all away! Nice!

And so finishing it up in Sin City on the Street Course.....Helmet-Cam 1st:

And Stationary-Cam Street Course here with my own near-disaster at end of clip. Sk8boarder came outta nowhere over pyramid but I was able to narrowly avoid Death. Enjoy.

So, forgive me for the multi-clip submission. And Thank You for bearing with me throughout it.
Get your stuff into Irene. Let's inundate her with TOO many cards to make! LOL! My collection is Meager!

PEACE & Keep Rollin' on 8 my Friends!
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