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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
1st an Apology, then a Vert-RollerSkater card, an Old Guy Builds New Sk8s AND pics & videos..

Hey Biff::

: Your multiple vids crashed my browser first time around. I had to start the browser over to get it to work right. My computer needs an upgrade, I'm thinking. Been acting up a lot lately.

Sorry, PB screwed me on the video-editing. I'll try to keep posts shorter. Also, had 2 sessions in that post. Don't know 'bout your PC. Sorry. That sucks.
: Your helmet cam worked quite well! I like that it wasn't aiming at the ground the whole time, which often happens with helmet cams. Also, keep going Ben!! Glad to see you working it.

Thanks, glad you liked it. Actually had Grom come up to me & suggest (after viewing some footage I'd already captured over my shoulder w/o asking if I'd mind) that I aim cam lower so you could "see what I was doing & see my sk8s" & I'm sure I'll do that for some stuff eventually, but what I was actually attempting to capture was the "Vertical Rollerskater's P.O.V." Of course the P.O.V. is technically about 6" above my own, but it's a pretty fair representation of what I see when I'm skating. And, after a few runs & getting the helmet tighter & some extra duct tape on the tripod, I hardly noticed it. Kinda.
: Anthem looks fabulous. I NEED to skate there! Next time.... Btw, I'm curious, why did you say that you would try to keep the camera me specifically??

Yes, Anthem IS Fabulous! Again with the Groms stipulation. And I said that 'cuz I was still holding the camera in my right hand at that time & you had made a comment previous to that about my sk8cam footage being kinda shaky or something. So I said I'd try to hold it steady for you.
OK? And did I use Bernhard's 'quote' program correctly? My 1st it's time for me to get to bed!

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