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Ben's Vert Trading Card
Well if you were hoping to be 2nd in the series, unless you're my old man, Ben, I'm afraid you're outta luck. Sister Irene squeeked enough freetime in between jury duty to bust this out.

Ben Cloetens' Vert Trading Card Front:

Ben's Vert RollerSkater Trading Card Front

Ben Cloetens' Vert Trading Card Back:

Ben's Vert RollerSkater Trading Card Back

Tell me Irene isn't the coolest one of us! And that you don't want one of these of your very own! I know you do! Not to mention the collection. As those of you who know me well know; I LOVE collecting shit! One of my OCD manifestations, I guess. Anyway, my collection now consists of BOTH of the Limited Edition Vert RollerSkater Trading Cards now available! I want card #3 to be the official Irene Ching card, but that's just my wish, I don't make these, I collect 'em! And with that in mind, here I am enjoying my collection.....

My Collection has Begun!

So, get your pictures & info together. Irene may have list or you can get them from back of either card. She wants a short "why I sk8" kinda essay as well. Hit her up @ We ALL need these!!!!
PEACE......Keep Rollin on 8! Jay

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