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Ben aka#2
Ben's Vert Trading Card
Irene absolutely ROCKS. I can't believe this old guy has a vert trading card, way tooooooo cool. What an honor to be not only accepted into the hallowed fraternity of quad vert skaters, but to to be the #2 card in what is destined to be a legendary, and no doubt valuable, series. That my son Jay is #1 in the series just makes it sweeter. You guys better start collecting these now so you can sell them in 30 years to fund your retirement. Sorry about using that Social Security money all up on you youngsters but....Hey, having fun is expensive! I do see a future thriving business for Ms. Ching in the internet trading card industry. Think of it, the possiblities are endless and every catagory has a built in clientel. Roller Derby, Skateboarders, Snowboarders, bicylists, scooter trash, Goth Princesses, disgraced stockbrokers, etc., etc., etc. Go Irene, and as I said before, IRENE ROCKS!
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