Vertical Rollerskating


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Jay (videos by Jay) (pictures by Jay)
Thanks for the Insights, Boys...
Joe, Mr. B.,
I appreciate the insights AND the pics. I guess it's a Lazy Parallel American thing then! I'll work on getting my left hand turned in the same direction as my right & getting fully inverted. I've only just barely learned laybacks & wasn't even able to manage one while in SoCal. But Irene saw me get 3 @ Area 702 before that! So I'm claiming 'em even if the film doesn't support me yet! LOL!
Keep posting your Killer Pics. I'd REALLY love to some video of you busting some of your stuff, Bro...I mean 'mate! Your Frontside Aerials are ridiculous & I wanna see that McTwist.
Enjoy Spring, Mate!
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