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Just when you think it's over....
: For you Jay... and I've got a reply for him this time around, stay tuned....
: On Sep 25, 2009, at 12:20 PM, GardenSK8 wrote:
: Hey Irene,
: I was a former national speed skater in the late 70's and long time rollerskater, however we made a deal with out insurance company as follows; allow only skateboarding and we'll allow a no helmets required for skaters over the age of 18 (which has paid us back in spades). That choice was one that we just confirmed again when renewing our insurance a few weeks ago. Nothing personal, just we are not covered for it and can not take the risk. In 1983 I use to skate vert on two NJ ramps with Reidell boots, Suregrips, modified hangars (I think Tracker) and kryptonics fun fun fun. Again, I hope that you don't take it personally and understand that it was a business decision we made.
: On another note I will pickup any size group coming from the city. Just call ahead.
: Thanks
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: On Sep 25, 2009, at 12:16 PM, IreneSK8s wrote:
: Hi Todd,
: My name is Irene. We met just once before, when I skated with Jennifer and company. She drove us in from Manhattan. You were kind enough to lend me your skateboard. It's a great bowl and I'd love to skate there again.
: I just wanted to confirm about taking the bus from the city and pickups to and from your park.
: One other important question is: Will you allow me to skate?
: I've been rolling for 30+ years in the NYC/Tri-state area, am 48 yrs old and watched a few of your team members progress for years.
: Talk to Frank, Jesse and Gaby or any other vert skaters from the city.
: This is not the typical rollerskating or rollerskates.
: Hopefully, I can be the exception to the rule, cuz some rules are meant to be broken.
: Thanks for your time and much success!

Dont worry Irene, let me come with you, I\'ll beat him up and everything will be OK. lol. ;-D
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