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Just when you think it's over....
:...however we made a deal with out insurance company as
: follows; allow only skateboarding...
: Thanks
: Todd Schwartz "Bossman"

You should respond to this thusly:


*Just pointing out; I wear 'two mini-skateboards' bolted
*onto my feet. My setup includes 4 skateboard trucks, and 8
*skateboard wheels. This is no different than a snakeboard
*or streetboard, which is also attached to your feet. If
*you allow those types of skateboards, then I would easily
*fall into the same category. If you do not allow them,
*then I would understand you denying my mini-skateboards as

*Irene "HeadHonco" Ching

You might also want to check with their insurer to see what the conditions on their insurance really are. I find it extremely rare that ONLY skateboards would be allowed. Not impossible, but just slightly unlikely. And, if it is mentioned in a contract, then it would have to define exactly what is considered a skateboard. If it does not, then your two mini-boards would fit right in!!

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