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Vert Rollerskating T-shirts
Hi all,

My buddy just told me he is making some shirts for sale and selling them on Basically, you open a store for free and upload your design and they will make and send out the shirts. I just sent Duke an e-mail with the hopes he will do some Dying Breed shirts. If any of you have a great image or cool text and want to make a shirt we would all wear, you can go to this site and make it and we can order it. There is no out of pocket expenses at all as far as I can tell. Claudine, you could make a cool shirt with the Irene artwork and actually make a little money, if we buy the shirt. I would buy one. Let me know your thoughts? Maybe as a group we can come up with something that we would all feel good about wearing and buying. Obviously, the company makes most of the money, but we can make any shirt we want with out incurring any costs. How about making a shirt that we all buy and the profits could go toward this site to help Bernhard pay for the expenses? I am open to all ideas and just passing on the information.
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