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Vert Rollerskating T-shirts
Hey Ben,

I am very much flattered that you use this site so much! This is the biggest reward I could get for keeping this site going. Financially it's not much. I pay 8 Euro/month to my hoster which is for web space for the roller skate site, and as well as for my e-mail. The e-mail is the main reason why I got myself a second-level domain. Before that I had the third-level domain and Freinet pulled out of providing services to private customers. I never wanted to loose my e-mail address again and therefore I registered The web space was only a by product. Being a Swabian (the German equivalent of the Scots) I had to make some use of it since I paid for it. And the only thing I could think of to tell the world was how to build a vertical roller skate. Then Brian came along and encouraged me to start the forum. Well, I thought there would be no demand for such a thing, but boy, was I wrong! I'm glad that I was wrong and that you people make this such a cozy place by dropping by. Thank you, thank you, thank you. And witnessing you getting into skating again after such a long time ... Wow!
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