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SoCal RollerSkaters, I.....Need.......YOU!!!!!!!!
You forgot to mention all the Spaniards and Australians on your list! Probably lots more, but I don't want to rub it in ....

: I'm going on a roadtrip this Wed. to Fontana's Killer SK8 Park Fontana North.

Looks so sweet! Not that I could do it any justice ...

It's really on short notice and how did you now that I plan to take a day off on Wednesday? But it's for another reason than for skating. I will be baking some Christmas cookies! Woo hoo!

: I even went onto City of Fontana's website & printed up their rules where it specifically says rollerskates are intended for use in case I get hassled.....I'm paranoid now.

You've got all the reason to be paranoid. It's a jungle out there!

I've got reason to be paranoid myself. Just got back my medical bills from my Swiss health insurance. They don't want to pay because they messed up their duties with respect to some bilateral contracts between Germany and Switzerland. Now that makes sense: I pay the premiums and they don't pay the bills. I hope they will when they read my letter but it is an annoyance.
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