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SoCal RollerSkaters, I.....Need.......YOU!!!!!!!!
Wish I could be there Jay but what with baseball, golf, euchre, raquetball plus my hobbies I just don't have time. Trust me gang, this retirement business is a full time endeavor. Robbie and I will hit Vegas before too long. We both need a Ryder fix and I could use a little quality time with my #1 son....I was thinkin Area 702. We're in Tucson until May so we plan to darken the kids door more than once. Anyways, be safe Jay....and remember...just rollin' rockin' the locals OK? Oh yeah, take the sign from Bonnie Bowl to post just to be sure. FYI my captcha for this is "Find Defile" Sounds like a plan for the roadtrip to the old man.
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