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Inline Skate is Raped by a Quad Vert Skate...
This is precisely what I had in mind! Remove some material a little at a time, and eventually I will have the correct balance of flexibility and protection.

One thing I did not like about these boots is the buckles. They are low quality and as such tend to slip a notch here and there. However this did not affect my skating on the first day since I did not fully notice the looseness until looking down.

What I had in mind originally was to get a nice pair of aggressive inline boots and mount them up using the stock 2 bolt UFS mounting system with plate mods to suit. That way I could use any aggressive inline boot in the future with a fairly simple swap. That plan will have to wait until I am in good financial standing (which could very well be a long time). Until then, I will make do with what I have now and modify as needed.
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