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Inline Skate is Raped by a Quad Vert Skate...
I agree with you Bernhard that leather fits better. There is nothing else that even comes close for the comfort offered by a well broken in leather boot. My first vert setup build did have an Oberhamer roller hockey boot!


I later removed the heel since the forward pitch was simply too much for me to deal with.

Vert Setup 2

Unfortunately, the boots were manufactured with a soft leather sole. The sole of one boot eventually tore through at the rear mounts. I do miss the way those boots fit (though they were a REAL bitch to break in). Perhaps one day I can get them re-soled with a the proper firm material and then put them back into use again.

However, the hard plastic shell of this new boot will take any and all impact force and leave my ankle nubs feeling completely untouched. Even a really hard hit while wearing good leather will leave you feeling a little sore.
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