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Last year I did start using Google Chrome and continued for several months. I liked it initially and got my brother-in-law Eric to check it out as well. After a couple months I became frustrated and went back to Firefox. Eric is still very happy with Chrome and continues to use it exclusively. He also has designed a number of customized themes that can be downloaded and installed in the browser.

The one major gripe I have with Chrome is that the default web page zoom level [ (ctrl) + (mouse scroll) ] is reset to zero after closing the browser. Firefox remembers the zoom level you choose for each web site and always opens each site at the level which you last viewed. Chrome is slip on features which makes it simplified and easy to use, but also gives you less control over what you want to do and how you want to view pages.

Chrome seems to work best with standard 17" monitors (non wide-screen) and a desktop resolution set at 1024x768. If your computer is configured this way them you could be very happy with Chrome since the default zoom level will fit your screen very well for many websites.

I also had many problems trying to play skate videos here. That put me over the edge!
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