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Something Chillingly Different.....: )

Hi All.
Those of you who know me know that I'm not much of a COLD weather guy. I grew up in Michigan & for those of you unfamiliar with US Geography, Michigan gets COLD in the Winter. But I've lived in the tropics or the desert for the past 20 years.
Well, my buddy Bill talked me into a short 40 mile drive outta Vegas into the mountains earlier this week for a 1/2 day on the slopes. We went to the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort in Lee Canyon, NV. We were @ over 9000' elevation & had a base of nearly 48"!
Now, I haven't been on a pair of skis for well OVER 20 years, but that didn't stop my cocky ass from going straight onto the lift with Bill. Once on, after a slight fumble,
Bill looks at me & says "you've never been on a chairlift before?"
I said "obviously not! LOL!"
He said " you're not gonna like getting off".
I said "why not?".
He said "alot of people fall"
And before you ask, Yes, I did. the 1st time & the last (5th) I made the other 3!
And it was a real mountain. Snowboard slope with obstacles: rails, picnic tables, etc. No, we did NOT hit any of "em. Bill only snowboarded one weekend about a month prior in Utah & like I said 20+ years of no snow or skiing for me. And I was never that good to begin with.
Well, Bill brought a camera that he occasionally fished out of one of the myriad of pockets on his bad-ass snowboard coat ( I had a hoodie with like 4 thermal shirts under it!) & took a shot or two. I even snagged a couple of him in between runs as he got his 2nd foot into bindings on his board @ the top of the Mountain.
Anyway, here are the pics.....

1st here's my "snow bro", Bill:

Snow-Bro Bill

Here's yours truly ghetto fabulous & ready for the blizzard:


A series from the lift chair:

Lift Chair View 1

Lift Chair View 2

Lift Chair View 3

Lift Chair View 4

And one of Bill's board from the lift:


Now Brother Bill gearing up to head South (down) the Mountain:

Bill getting his board on after Lift


And lastly me going down the mountain:


For some reason I kept hearing little Stan Marsh's voice in my head saying "pizza....french fries...." (SouthPark fans will get that, the rest of you.....start watching SouthPark!)
Though there was certainly more Pizza than French Fries for me!

Pizza...French Fries...Pizza

Well, that's it, Kids. I know it's NOT vertical rollerskating, but it certainly had vertical components AND I was on my 2 feet in a vaguely rollerskate like stance, so I figured you'd all give this a general approval.
Best to all. Let's see some skating vids, Kids!
PEACE from the snow-covered mountains of Fabulous Sin City
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