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Something Chillingly Different.....: )
I have a sister who lives in Kansas City. She has been trying for several years now to get me to go with her on a snow skiing trip to Colorado. I have never been before, and do not have the money for a ski trip either. That sure does look like a fun time though! Someday I will need to just do it before the years catch up. Thanks for sharing, Jay! I have heard that skis control much like skates do, so maybe it is something I could learn quickly.

The other problem is that if I find skiing to be as much fun as skating, it could become an addiction... and much like skating, something that I MUST do rather than a simple occasional fun activity. I really do not know what my life would be like if I could no longer skate!

Down here in San Antonio snow is a mythological thing. We do get icy conditions with freezing temperatures combined with rain every few years, but that only affects the roads for a day or two. There is no way to turn it into a fun outdoor activity.
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