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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
longboard wheels
: seeing those pics seems you dont even need broad trucks, i think i might give them a try because i'm doing a lot of city cruising atm going from home to school and back.

I'm sure that big soft wheels are big fun when cruising.

: haha 120km/h, my record is 70 hanging behind a scooter and that was fast enough to be scary! :)

70 behind a scooter can be scary, indeed. I did this scooter excercise once (albeit at lower speeds) and it ended quite painfully when we had different opinions on the direction we were going. I landed quite painfully on my rear part.

My personal speed record is something around 80 km/h going downhill. Can be scary, too. Especially when your skates become instable.
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