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Tobi (pictures by Tobi)
longboard wheels
> seeing those pics seems you dont even need broad trucks,

Depends on the height of the trucks (distance from the sole/plates to the axles), you might have to take some material off the inner edge of the wheels so that they don't acts as brakes in curves (dangerous), or use wider hangers.

> i think i might give them a try because i'm doing a lot of
> city cruising atm going from home to school and back.

You could try some Kryptos around 70 mm, if they are soft (not soo soft) and large they will be faster, more silent, and more comfy on surfaces which aren't perfectly flat, eg older streets or streets with little stones on them etc. (large and soft wheels are slower on perfectly flat and hard surfaces such as ramps, harder wheels are faster then)

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