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farlow (pictures by farlow)
Hot LaWa 2004, June 26/27
: Hi People,
: the Hot LaWa contest will take place on June 26/27 this year in Freiburg. It will be a vert contest for skateboard, roller skate and inline. If there are enough participants for roller skate and inline respectively, they will start in different groups. In the last years, however, we merged the two groups. Quote of one teenage inliner: "But it is unfair that this guy participates with roller skates!". Grin. I told him hat he is also allowed to participate on roller skates and therefor it it completely fair.
: I hope that many roller skaters (and inline skaters, and skatenboarders) find their way to Freiburg.

i would love to but i will building my park at the time and brain called me the other day and told me of a contest in october at woodward west for rollerskaters he said there could as many as 15 skaters so im am saving for that and because it is closer to me but not by far sence i am on the east coast i will be haveing vert roller skating contest here when i get open so any help would be great
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