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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Hot LaWa 2004, June 26/27
: i would love to but i will building my park at the time

I wish you a lot of success!

: and brain called me the other day and told me of a contest in october at woodward west for rollerskaters he said there could as many as 15 skaters

I think that will be a much bigger event than Hot LaWa, which is more of a happening of the local vert scene. But of course we are open for all vert skaters who want to participate. Ans you can get a good impression of the event by looking at the reports of the last five instances in the contests section of

: so im am saving for that and because it is closer to me but not by far sence i am on the east coast i will be haveing vert roller skating contest here when i get open so any help would be great

There seem to be some more vert roller skating events coming up. What do you guys think of an event calendar at this site? I have implemented one for so you can check there what I mean. Everyone can enter an event which will then imediately be visible for all. Or maybe just a link to the, which also has a roller skating section? What do you think?
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