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Tracker plates??
I still have toe stops but my level of difficulty is way below you whippersnappers so they rarely creat a problem. The worst injury I ever had was a result of stops though. I was sk8ing a pool at Endless Summer in '78 and some Groms were sitting on the lip in the shallow end of a figure 8 pool while I worked the deep end. Kid dropped his board and it rolled into the deep end just as I dropped in. I turned backwards as I went up the vert to see where the board was and when I hit the coping with my back wheels it put my toe stops on the wall then Jackie Gleason used to say "And Away We GO!!!" About 15 gravity assisted feet to a perfect 4 point touchdown in the bottom of the pool. That's 2 hands and 2 knees. Good news was I only smashed 1 knee, bad news? I smashed 1 knee. Just a thought although my guess is 1978 is akin to 1778 as far as most of you shredders are concerned.
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