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: What is your background in computing? I already saw that you are using the \"right OS\", but do you also do programming?

Well, I haven\'t really programmed anything yet except for \"Hello World!\"-ing with C++ and lots of programs in TI-Basic with my graphing calculator. I\'ve also done a university course on program behaviour, PGL, CPGL and other really theoretical, dry stuff. It may be in dutch, but you may get the idea.
My problem is that no opportunity presents itself. Regardless, I was planning on making a nice file/web/whateverserver out of an old computer I have lying around. If I succeed and have a little bit of experience, I\'ll see if I can find some work on, a site where hobby experience is enough to participate in projects in the IT field.
But first the skates.

Which reminds me, I still have to make a CV...
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