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biffsk8er (videos by biffsk8er) (pictures by biffsk8er)
First run on Ricta Wheels
: I should include usage hints for how content of a message is treated by the forum. I always resolve to do this some time, but as you see, I haven\'t got round to do it. And how should a user guess how he can e.g. include a YouTube video? He can have a look at other messages, but I freely admit that this is cumbersome.
: Well, at the moment I have got another problem to solve. I have changed Wolfl1on to Vertic_Al, but thes changes do not appear in the index. I know the reason (scripts aren\'t allowed to run longer than 30 seconds) but the solution is a bit of reprogramming the index generation.

: Now you got me confused.

I had no idea what you were talking about. Sounded quite 'German' to me. "index generation"?? Huh? Isn't a script what you read for your High School play??

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