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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Bag O Tricks number 8
: : Erm, roller skate links go to the resources page. But Toxboe isn't a roller skating page.
: Actually, I'll have to correct you on that. Toxboe 'is' a roller skating page. However, they are inline roller skates and not quad roller skates. At least, in English, we consider both to be roller skates. Maybe it is not considered that way in all languages.

I do not think this to be a question of language. Perhaps more of culture. And I think I don't use the term "Quads" not only because I do not like the word but also because there are inline skaters telling roller skaters to get "real" inlines.

: If we create a trick list that is strictly for quads, we could still use a vast majority of what they have on toxboe to make our list. Could there be a tricktionary that we could make here where more than one person could write it? So as to not make any one person have to do a ton of work.

With the technology used on it would be no problem to collaborate on single pages. I keep on wanting to fuse this technology with the forum, but I think I won't have the time in the foreseeable future. Another option is to do something with a forum thread or via E-Mail and to publish the result from time to time and link it to the front page.
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