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joe90 (videos by joe90) (pictures by joe90)
Bag O Tricks number 8
Nice one dood,my moneys on a lein variation.
We just had a thread on charliedontskate about nameing rights,inventers and ripoffs of tricks like the Indy air being done a couple of years before Duane Peters claimed and named it.Moves like the layback air and todd twist being the same,calling 540's Mctwists and visa versa.I base everything on skateboard terms as most everything I saw or heard first was done on a skateboard,but call em what you will as most folks get get the idea anyhoo.
Anyway I gota go,split,bail,take off,hit the road,fuck off,do a runner,get going,obscond,take a hike,get the fuck outa here,fly,waddle, make tracks,get trucking and vacate.

cheers joe
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